Loving, Growing, and Teaching Children

                                                                           Academically-Focused Learning

Southminster Child Care Center is a mission of the church, organized in 1981 to provide a loving, supportive, safe, and educational environment for the children in our care. Through positive interaction with the children and their families, and by working in a supportive and encouraging manner, we promote health, strength, and well-being to our families. 
At Southminster Childcare we nurture intellectual growth through a variety of visual and audio aids, educational toys, games, puzzles, and learning supplies. We believe a well-rounded education encourages an emerging sense of self and socialization alongside intellectual exploration.



Literacy is a vital part of a child’s success now and in the future as an adult, which is why we offer literacy learning at our  child care facility.


We introduce math and science in an interesting, inviting, and exciting way. Our programs offer children opportunities to explore, discover, and use their senses. 


Art is a form of creative expression; It is important to us to have an art center in our classroom as it is a place where your little learners can to go express themselves creatively.

Critical Thinking

Learning to think critically may be one of the most important skills that today’s children will need for the future.


With a day full of warm and nurturing interactions, movement and playtime, our infants have every opportunity to grow and develop a sense of trust and confidence in a secure learning environment.

Toddlers 1

At Southminster our childhood development program for toddlers is carefully designed to encourage each childs’ growing need for independence and an emerging sense of self.

Toddlers 2


With so many physical, cognitive, and social milestones to achieve in such a short period of time, our preschool curriculum for our Preschool 1 class encourages children to learn through exploration.


At Southminster our Preschool 2 child development program focuses on building cognitive performance through child-initiated, cooperative play.


Our teachers introduce our  active and enthusiastic learners to a more structured curriculum and new academic concepts in language, literacy, mathematics, and science.

Pre k 1 & 2


Our pre-K 2 program focuses on the skills your child needs for Kindergarten readiness. Our teachers prepare our students for the academic challenges and environment they will encounter in Kindergarten and beyond