Kindness and Gratitude

A lot of people that know me know that I love to journal. I absolutley love my work specific one! Occasionally a Southminster parent will remember  and ask “do you still journal all the time?” I am proud to respond “yes” but the answer is somewhat more complex. My journaling is different now; there has been an evolution in the content of what I write. Initally I would write about the challenges and concerns that I was facing at work. It is so easy to fill the pages when you are focusing on the negative!

After awhile journaling out my problems did not seem to be the best use of my time in  the evenings . Not only did I begin writing down all the people I am thankful for, but all the small moments of the day. I would recall hearing the simple laughter of your children, watching a teacher and child hug at the beginning of the day as if they had been separated for months, and listening to the joyful banter between teachers before school. I am also working on counting all the kind acts that I get to see throughout my day.  I have seen parents lend out their umbrellas, teachers filling in for each other, and secret coffees being left on my desk. These acts make my soul sing. I relish these thoughts and know how lucky I am to be a witness to so much beauty in the world.

I pray that Southminster staff model these qualities for the students and parents, and that our community fully embraces these virtues. Children see and hear how we treat others, and learn how we handle both easy and challenging situations. They know if we are the neighbor who steps in, if we cheer on another parent during a bad day, and if we can pu tourselves aside to help another human.

Being repsectful and kind is conscious choice that we have to make everyday. At the end of my life I hope I am remembered for always extending a helping hand and coming alongside someone who needed me.
Let us together make Southminster Child Care Preschool a true example of our relationship with others.

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