We are almost two weeks into the shelter in place order, and things are really quiet around here. We have just a few children. I miss the chaos and loud noise of full classrooms. I miss reading books, greeting all of our parents, and how fast the day goes. Many people are probably wondering what the teachers are doing all day if we are not caring for our usual number of children. The primary assumption is that our work ends when there are no children here. Instead, the exact opposite is happening right now. Since the first day of all of this, our staff has been dedicated to stepping in AND stepping up. They are showing up each day to work with a smile on their faces. We are comforting children as they navigate BIG emotions about everything going. On top of all of that, teachers have asked for more training to be assigned to them so they can use this time to grow as a professional. Staff is creating packets, having conferences, and hand-delivering items to our families. We know that things are hard for everyone, and we want to assure we are using this time in a way that benefits our families and children in the long run. However, I am excited for everyone to come back and see the same amazing teachers you know and love, but with even more skills to help partner with your family! Love you all and see you soon!